rasmalai sweet

Ras malai recipe

rasmalai sweet
rasmalai sweet

Ras malai is the most popular sweet dishes in India. Ras malai is believed to have originated in West Bengal. The K.C. Das Grandsons confectioners claim that it was invented by K.C. Das.¬† Ras malai is most popular sweet dishes in India and it’s easy to make. In India you can easily find Rasmalai sweets in every sweet shop all over India. Rasmalai or ras malai is a dessert originating from the South Asia. The name Rasmalai comes from two words in Hindi/Urdu Ras meaning “juice” and malai meaning cream.


For ras malai disc

Milk- 4 Ltr
Vinegar- 400 ml
Water- 1.5 Ltr
Cardamom powder- 5 gram

For sugar syrup

Sugar- 1.2 kg
Water- 650 ml

For the saffron flavored milk

Milk- 1.5
Sugar- 130 g
Saffron a pinch
Rose water- 15 ml


Start by boiling the milk.
Also bring the water to a boil separately and add them
vinegar to it at this stage.

Once the milk is boiled take it off the flame and let it cool,
by stirring it for 1 minute continuously.

Add the vinegar and hot water mixture to the milk
gradually, which curdles the milk and forms the chenna.

Add cold water to this, which helps in retaining the
softness of the chenna.

Strain using a damp muslin cloth and put it under running
water which helps it in cooling down.

Squeeze out all the excess water by kneading it gently
through the muslin cloth till it is soft and free of moisture.

Remove from muslin cloth and knead till smooth and free
of lumps.

Add cardamom powder and mix well.
Cover with the muslin cloth and keep aside.
To make the (sugar syrup), bring sugar and water
to a boil. Remove the scum from the top. Make sure the
consistency of the syrup is neither too thick nor too thin.

Maintain this consistency by adding a ladle of water to it
every 5 minutes.

Keep some sugar syrup aside to soak the cooked
ras malai.

Shape the freshly made chenna into flat discs each
weighing about 12 gram.

Cook it in the sugar syrup, on a high flame for 15 to 20
minutes. Flour or milk is added to the syrup while cooking the
ras malai, to help it froth up as it helps in cooking it

Once cooked it is soaked in the sugar syrup, which is
diluted with hot water to retain the sponginess of the
ras malai, for at least 1 hour.

To make the saffron flavored milk, bring the milk to a boil
and then add sugar, while continuously stirring. Add the little
bit of yellow food color.

Mix saffron strands along with rose water and add it to the

Reduce the milk to two-thirds of the original quantity. Cook
it for a minimum of 10-15 minutes after it comes to a boil.
Take the cooled ras malai and squeeze all the syrup out
of it, and soak it in the saffron milk. Let it cool.

Serve cold, garnished with chopped pistachios and